Table 2

 The most frequently used MRI sequence parameters for visualisation of synovitis, bone oedema, and bone erosion in the centres contributing reference images of the individual features for the atlas

Centre*Field strength, MagnetSequenceTE (ms)TR (ms)TI (ms)Acq.FOV (mm)MatrixST (mm)Gap (mm)
*Centres are listed ordered after the number of presented images of this particular type of pathology.
†T1 weighted three dimensional gradient echo with subsequent multiplanar reconstruction. The flip angle was 65°.
Acq, number of acquisitions; FOV, field of view; GE, gradient echo; Gen. El., General Electrics; SPIR, spectral prepulse inversion recovery; ST, slice thickness; STIR, short tau inversion recovery; T1 SE, T1 weighted spin echo; TE, echo time; TI, inversion time; TIRM, turbo inversion recovery magnitude; TR, repetition time.
SynovitisCopenhagen1.0 T SiemensT1 SE156002109×145192×25630
Leeds1.5 T PhilipsT1 SE204854100×50205×2561.51.0
Oslo1.5 T Gen. El.T1 SE134202100×100512×32030.5
OedemaLeeds1.5 T PhilipsT2 SPIR10020001803100×100202×2562.00.2
Oslo1.5 T Gen. El.STIR1237601502100×100288×1922.50.5
Copenhagen1.0 T SiemensSTIR3045001503145×108256×1823.00.0
Sydney1.5 T Gen. El.TIRM3032891302130×130217×2563.00.3
ErosionCopenhagen0.2 T EsaoteT1 3D GE†12301140×140192×1602.00.0
Leeds1.5 T PhilipsT1 SE204854100×50205×3561.51.0
Auckland1.5 T Gen. El.T1 SE14680180×80256×1923.01.0