Table 1

 A review of published trial results for TNF antagonists at 6 months

NoTrial typeBaseline HAQPrevious No of DMARDsDisease duration (years)% Patients responding
Moderate DAS28Good DAS28ACR20ACR50ACR70
eow, every other week; 2×weekly, twice weekly.
40 mg eow + MTX667RCT1.62.912.27254675527
40 mg eow + MTX7207RCT1.52.411.07235623921
40 mg eow8113RCT1.83.810.6479462212
25 mg 2×wkly + MTX1159RCT1.52.713NANA713915
25 mg 2×wkly1278RCT1.63.311NANA594015
25 mg 2×wkly (46% monotherapy)14,15123Observational1.64.514.94631603711
3 mg/8 weeks + MTX1386RCT1.82.88.4NANA50278
3 mg/8 weeks (with dose increases)+ MTX14,1551Observational1.54.014.1572441376