Table 4

 Associations between surveillance of serum urate levels within 6 months of initiating a urate-lowering drug (ULD) and sex, comorbidities, gout treatments and number of ULD dispensings

OR95% CIOR95% CI
NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; ULD, urate-lowering drug.
*Controlled for individual Health maintenance organizations as well as the above-mentioned variables.
Sex (men referent)1.491.23 to 1.801.361.11 to 1.67
Dyslipidaemia1.651.40 to 1.931.421.19 to 1.68
Renal insufficiency1.971.57 to 2.481.741.35 to 2.23
Colchicine use1.801.54 to 2.101.611.36 to 1.90
Glucocorticoid use1.821.52 to 2.171.561.29 to 1.89
Selective NSAID use2.351.67 to 3.511.761.15 to 2.70
Non-selective NSAID use1.391.19 to 1.631.621.37 to 1.92
ULD (number of dispensings; one dispensing referent)
    Two1.421.07 to 1.881.651.23 to 2.22
    Three1.721.32 to to 2.84
    Four1.951.48 to 2.562.251.68 to 3.00
    Five2.461.79 to 3.382.271.63 to 3.18
    Six or more2.421.84 to 3.192.371.77 to 3.18