Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of the study population*

MenWomenp Value
n% or SDn% or SD
* p Values represent comparisons between men and women for the variables listed.
Age (mean years)58147012<0.001
Mean and median number of encounters for gout2.7, 232.9, 22<0.001
Gout-associated comorbidities
    Coronary heart disease94319%28725%<0.001
    Peripheral arterial disease2024%777%<0.001
    Diabetes mellitus86617%35030%<0.001
    Renal insufficiency48510%20418%<0.001
    Renal failure3086%14312%<0.001
Drugs that can trigger or exacerbate gout (receipt of ⩾1 prescription)
    Thiazide diuretics148730%63655%<0.001
    All diuretics200340%89777%<0.001