Table 1

 Incidence of arthritis and spondylitis in cartilage PG immunised mice

Week of the experiment
*Incidence is expressed as the number of affected/total BALB/c mice (results are also shown as % in parentheses). The last column includes results of the 12 positive control male mice (PGISp incidence 75%), whereas all other animals were female BALB/c mice; †by week 5 after the third PG injection, only three PG immunised mice remained non-arthritic, and these animals were followed up until the end of the experiment. Two of these three non-arthritic BALB/c mice developed spondylitis; ‡calculation is based upon histological analysis of the spine, and positive/total number of killed animals (%) is shown.
Weeks after the 3rd PG immunisation−605†1014202430
Incidence of peripheral arthritis*0/2108/180127/130†107/11082/8552/5520/2044/47
Incidence of spondylitis‡ND0/300/5013/2516/2518/2514/2034/47