Table 4

 Summary of four clinical trials of infliximab in systemic vasculitis (including patients with Wegener’s granulomatosis (WG))

Patients with WGTotal no of patientsDose of infliximabDuration of therapyConcurrent treatmentMean BVAS at recruitment*Mean BVAS at endpoint*Induction of remission*Sustained remission (6 months)Relapses
*Figures are mean scores for the whole cohort, combining all forms of systemic vasculitis, specific figures for WG patients not provided except by the Lamprecht group.34
†Patients with refractory disease who achieved remission (14 patients) then received infliximab for 1 year.
‡Infliximab was discontinued early in one patient on suspicion of infection. This patient was not included in BVAS calculations
¶After infliximab in two patients, on infliximab in three.
Aza, azathioprine; BVAS, Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score; Cyc, cyclophosphamide; Gc, glucocorticoids; Mtx, methotrexate; Myc, mycophenolate mofetil; NA, not applicable as patients not followed up for 6 months; NS, not specified.
Booth et al, 20023236200 mg monthly3 monthsGC+NS6.30.8 at 3 months5 (83%)NA0
Bartolucci et al, 2002337105 mg/kg; days 0, 14, 42,then 2 monthly6 monthsGC for first 6 wks, then added Cyc/Aza/Mtx/Myc9.11.1 at 6 months5 (50%)NA0
Lamprecht et al, 200234663–5 mg/kg; days 0, 14,42, then monthly4–6 monthsCyc+GC10.30 at 6 months5 (100%)‡5 (100%)0
Booth et al, 20043519325 mg/kg; days 0, 14, 42,then monthly10 weeks†Cyc/Aza/Myc+GC12.30.3 at 14 weeks28 (87.5%)23 (82%)5¶ (17%)
Total355443/53 (81%)28/33 (85%)5 (12%)