Table 6

 Results of logistic regression analysis of baseline variables (without anti-CCP) to predict radiographic progression at two years in early arthritis

BSEOdds ratio (Exp(B))95% CIAccuracy
ACF, antibodies to citrullinated human fibrinogen; CCP, cyclic citrullinated peptide; CI, confidence interval; DAS28, 28 joint disease activity score; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; RF, rheumatoid factor; ROC, receiver operating characteristic; VAS, visual analogue scale.
ACF ⩾1402.4940.34312.16.2 to 23.7
Sharp/van der Heijde0.0900.0291.11.0 to 1.2
ESR0.0240.0071.021.01 to 1.04
Variables not in equation p value
IgM-RF ⩾450.553
C reactive protein0.955