Table 1

 Clinical data of 15 patients with retroperitoneal fibrosis (RPF) and five with inflammatory aneurysm of the abdominal aorta (IAAA)

IDDiagnosisAge (years)SexCardiovascular risk factorsPrior or current comorbiditySymptoms at presentationImaging at diagnosis
TechniquePeriaortic mantleUTOVascular involvement
AH, arterial hypertension; CHOL, hypercholesterolaemia; PY, smoking in pack years; CHD, coronary heart disease; PAOD, peripheral arterial obstructive disease; COLD, chronic obstructive lung disease; WL, weight loss; CE, contrast enhancement of the periaortic mantle: absent “–”, detectable “(+)”, intermediate “+” and strong “++”; ND, not done; UTO, urinary tract obstruction: absent “–”, unilateral “+” or bilateral “++”.
Vascular involvement is defined as involvement of renal or iliac vessels or the vena cava inferior. No images were available for retrospective analysis in patients 4, 12, 18, and 20.
1RPF50MAH, CHOL, 30 PYCHD, colon diverticulosisAbdominal and low back pain, WLCT1090
2RPF45FCHOL, 50 PYNoneLow back painMRI2091+++
3RPF30MAH, CHOLHodgkin’s lymphoma, latent hypothyroidismPoor documentationMRI10104+++
4RPF48FAH, 10 PYCHD, Riedel’s thyroiditisOliguria, otherwise poor documentation+
5RPF37MAH, 30 PYPancreatitis, gastric ulcer, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, diabetes mellitusLow back and flank painMRI10100+++
6RPF37MCHOL, 21 PYLeucocytoclastic vasculitisFlank pain, WLMRI20140++++
7RPF63MAH, CHOL, 40 PYCHD, pharyngeal carcinomaLow back pain, WLCT1090ND+++
8RPF49F40 PYPAOD, COLD, malignant melanomaAbdominal pain, WLMRI2066++++
9RPF38MAH, CHOL, 25 PYCHD, PAOD, glomerulosclerosis, slipped disk sacroiliitisAbdominal and flank pain, WLMRI1888(+)+++
10RPF57FCHOL, 30 PYCOLD, sigma diverticulosisAbdominal and low back pain, night sweats, WLMRI12144+
11RPF47MAH, CHOL, 40 PYCHD, PAOD, COLDAbdominal and low back pain, WLMRI1091+
12RPF71FAH, 30 PYCHD, PAOD, hyperthyroidismRenal failure+
13RPF43MAH, CHOL, 20 PYPAODLow back pain, night sweats, WLMRI5100++++
14RPF41MAH, 40 PYProstate hyperplasiaLow back painMRI848++
15RPF54FAH, 30 PYOsteoporotic vertebral fractureAbdominal and low back pain, WLCT10110++
16IAAA61MAH, CHOL, 80 PYCHD, PAOD, pulmonary adenocarcinomaPoor documentationCT296++
17IAAA60MAH, CHOL, 40 PYCHD, PAOD, previous urolithiasisAbdominal and flank pain, night sweats, WLCT15140++
18IAAA58MCHOL, 40 PYPrevious mycobacterial spondylitisLow back pain+
19IAAA69MAH, 40 PYCHDPoor documentationCT4084+
20IAAA61MAH, CHOLCHD, PAOD, duodenal ulcerLow back and flank pain+