Table 2

 Assessment by orthopaedic surgeons and referring physicians of the most appropriate level of pain and functional impairment that would be an indication for total hip replacement

Most appropriate level of pain
1 day/month (%)1 day/week (%)Several days/week (%)Daily (%)Permanently (%)p ValueNo relevance (%)
Severe pain0.0
    Referring physicians1.38.641.133.915.10.240.7
Rest pain
    Referring physicians0.
Night pain5.4
    Referring physicians0.38.950.525.814.40.003
Pain with activity
    Referring physicians0.33.333.74220.70.272.2
Need for analgesics
    Referring physicians1.421.
Most appropriate level for functional impairment
Unlimited (%)1–3 km (%)0.5–1 km (%)>0.5 km (%)Unable to walk (%)p ValueNo relevance (%)
Walking distance
    Referring physicians0.39.738.
No difficultyNegotiates few stepsOne foot at a timeAssistance requiredUnableNo relevance
Difficulty climbing stairs
    Referring physicians0.017.256.820.
No difficultySome difficultyNeeds long shoehornAssistance requiredUnableNo relevance
Difficulty putting on shoes and socks
    Referring physicians0.315.340.640.
Never1 day/month1 day/weekSeveral days/weekDailyNo relevance
Need for cane or crutch
    Referring physicians1.44.121.552.520.525.3
Flexion<90Flexion 45–90Flexion 30–45Flexion<30AnkylosedNo relevance
Range of motion
    Referring physicians2.444.938.211.82.8<0.00118.1
<50% preservedNone preservedNo relevance
Amount of joint space preserved on x ray
    Referring physicians4.353.941.80.8724.9