Table 1

 Sensitivity of IgM-RF, anti-CCP, and ACF in patients with established rheumatoid arthritis and controls

TestSpecificityArea under ROC curveConfidence interval
*p<0.05 v IgM-RF.
Cut off values of the tests: †IgM-RF, 45 IU/ml; ‡anti-CCP, 25 U/ml; §ACF, 140 U/ml.
ACF, antibodies to citrullinated human fibrinogen; CCP, cyclic citrullinated peptide; RF, rheumatoid factor; ROC, receiver operating characteristic.
IgM-RF49.8%45.2%41.8%†0.7260.678 to 0.774
Anti-CCP72.0%71.1%71.1%‡0.9030.873 to 0.932*
ACF72.4%67.8%67.8%§0.8930.861 to 0.925*