Table 4

 Synovitis in wrist joint areas and MCP joints detected on high field and low field MRI. Agreement rates of low field MRI were calculated with high field MRI as standard reference

Examined joint/joint area (No)High field MRI (No)Low field MRI
(No)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Accuracy (%)ICC*
MCP, metacarpophalangeal; Ra-Ul, distal radioulnar joint; Ra-Carp, radiocarpal area of wrist joint; ICMC, intercarpal-carpometacarpal area of wrist joint; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient. No, numbers of joints/joint area. Note: Eight people had a limb size that precluded MRI examination of the MCP joints owing to the size of the FOV.
2nd MCP (57)30278796910.928
3rd MCP (57)22208697930.908
4th MCP (57)121192100980.924
5th MCP (57)15148798950.945
Ra-Ul (65)292793100940.945
Ra-Carp (65)37399789940.922
ICMC (65)27269397950.890
Total (423)1721649096940.923