Table 3

 Bone erosions and bone marrow oedema in wrist and MCP joint bones. Performance of low field MRI and x ray examination when high field MRI is considered as standard reference

Examined bones (n)Bone erosionsBone marrow oedema
High field MRILow field MRIx Ray examinationHigh field MRILow field MRI
(No)(No)Sens(%)Spec (%)Acc (%)ICC*(No)Sens(%)Spec (%)Acc (%)(No)(No)Sens(%)Spec(%)Acc (%)ICC**
*p<0.005; **p<0.05; †not computable; ‡not significant.
Sens, sensitivity; Spec, specificity; Acc, accuracy; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient. Note: Eight people had a limb size that precluded MRI examination of the MCP joints owing to the size of the FOV; MCP, metacarpophalangeal; MCP prox, the head of the metacarpal bone; MCP dist, the base of the phalanx; Base, base of the metacarpal bone.
2nd MCP prox. (57)212210097980.991832100741396298890.853
2nd MCP dist. (57)91410090910.965750968950010091
3rd MCP prox. (57)182110092950.9475261007810330100880.604
3rd MCP dist. (57)881001001000.95143898912150100980.665
4th MCP prox. (57)11119198960.90732310085323398950.264‡
4th MCP dist. (57)447598960.915460989510010098
5th MCP prox. (57)12129298960.969431100867229100910.591
5th MCP dist. (57)6583100980.9664671009720010096
Radius (65)171910096970.884424100805120100940.660
Ulna (65)28289697970.9409299789645098940.350
Scaphoid (65)21198195910.9471257100861054098890.682
Lunate (65)23249695950.96883510077843898910.139‡
Triquetrum (65)20249087880.9575209874225098970.564
Pisiform (65)5710097970.819660959210098980.000‡
Trapezium (65)162010092940.97472594773133100970.899
Trapezoid (65)11169189890.976436100892150100980.663
Capitate (65)324010076880.95572210062666797940.496
Hamate (65)132110085880.9597469888331001001000.959
1st Base (65)91310093940.873222100892150100980.544
2nd Base (65)14179392920.93532110083336798970.907
3rd Base (65)9118995940.972333100913410098980.890
4th Base (65)91010098980.833222100894250100970.875
5th Base (65)2410097970.9295092891109897-0.013‡
Total (1431)3183709493940.93612333988310255399995-