Table 1


Patient No
BM biopsyMast cell infiltration10% Mast cell infiltrationFocal clusters of mast cellsMast cell infiltrationMast cell infiltration20% Mast cell infiltration
Treatment duration with IV pamidronate1992–2000 annual doses1990–2000 annual doses1994–1998 annual doses2000 single doseNot treated2001–2003 three doses
Cumulative dose of pamidronate (mg)55591536090Not treated270
Year alendronate started2000 until current2001 until current1998 until current2001 until current2001 until current2001 for 6 months
L1-4 spine T score before treatment−1.49−4.05−4.54−4.07−2.8−0.76
L1-4 spine T score in 2003−2.0−3.27−3.34−3.29−3.0−0.45
Total hip T score before treatment−1.7−3.5−3.29−1.16−1.8+0.23
Total hip T score in 2003−1.4−3.07−2.36−1.17−1.8+0.23