Table 1

 Demographic, clinical, and therapeutic characteristics of patients before anti-TNF treatment and at the end of follow up

Patient NoSexAge (years)Duration of uveitis (years)Clinical presentationAetiology/anatomical localisationTreatment before infliximabFEvolution/Initial/final VATreatment at last examination
OD, right eye; OS, left eye, BD, Behçet’s disease; panU, panuveitis; PU, posterior uveitis; AU, anterior uveitis; F, follow up (months); CF, counting fingers; MTX, methotrexate.
1M337OD: macular oedema and vitritis OS: macular necrosisBD/panUPrednisone, pentoxifylline, cyclophosphamide, interferon α2a, azathioprine28OD: Rapid regression of macular oedema and vitritis OS unchanged. Relapses at weeks 82 and 108Prednisone, MTX, infliximab
OD 20/200 OS 20/400
OD 20/25 OS 20/400
2F384OD: macular oedema OS: macular necrosisBD/PUPrednisone, pentoxifylline, interferon α2a, azathioprine, cyclophosphamide30Regression of right macular oedema OD 20/200 OS LPOD 20/20 OS LPPrednisone, infliximab
3F218OD: enucleated OS: macular necrosisBD/PUPrednisone, cyclophosphamide, interferon α2a, azathioprine29Regression of inflammatory signs OS 20/40OS 20/20Prednisone, infliximab
4M302Bilateral vasculitis, haemorrhagic retinitis, vitritis, macular oedemaBD/panUPrednisone, interferon α2a16Initial improvement but relapses at weeks 14 and 40 OD 20/60 OS 20/40OD 20/25 OS 20/25Infliximab (10 mg/kg), mycophenolate mofetil, MTX, prednisone
5M202Bilateral vasculitis, haemorrhagic retinitis, vitritis, macular oedemaBD/panUPrednisone, azathioprine, interferon α2a, rifampin8Efficacy but still receiving prednisone and methotrexateInfliximab, MTX, prednisone
OD 20/100 OS 20/200
OD 20/20 OS 20/20
6M459OD: vision lost due to chronic inflammation and glaucoma OS: inflammation and ocular hypertensionAnkylosing spondylitis, HLA-B27+/panUPrednisone, MTX, cyclophosphamide, azathioprine24Relapse at week 54 Restarted immunosuppressive treatment OD NLP OS 20/40OD NLP OS 20/20Prednisone, azathioprine
7M386Unilateral non-granulomatous anterior uveitis and refractory glaucomaAnkylosing spondylitis, HLA-B27+/AUPrednisone, MTX, ciclosporin A9Control of ocular and articular inflammation OD 20/50 OS 20/20OD 20/20 OS 20/20Infliximab, MTX, prednisone
8F424OD: Normal. OS: anterior chamber inflammation, macular oedema, epiretinal membrane, secondary glaucomaPsoriasis/panUPrednisone, MTX16No relapse Low dose prednisone, cataract surgery OD 20/20 OS 20/60 VInfliximab, prednisone
9F5716Bilateral non granulomatous panuveitis with posterior synechiae, secondary glaucoma, vitritis, macular oedemaPsoriasis/panUPrednisone, MTX12No relapse Cataract surgery, trabeculectomy OD and OS OD 20/60 OS 20/80OD 20/20 OS 20/30Infliximab, prednisone, azathioprine
10F344Bilateral panuveitis, bilateral macular oedema Seronegative ankylosing spondylitisB27− spondyloarthropathy/panUPrednisone, MTX9Regression of inflammatory signs and macular oedema OD 20/50 OS 20/40OD 20/30 OS 20/25Infliximab, MTX, prednisone
11M4320Right eye lost through neovascular glaucoma Left eye, papillitis, macular oedema, vitritis, retinal necrosisIdiopathic panUPrednisone, azathioprine, cyclophosphamide16Regression of inflammatory signs and macular oedema Relapse at week 46 OD NLP OS CFOD NLP OS 20/40Infliximab, MTX, prednisone
12F167OD: papillitis, macular oedema, vitritis OS: macular oedema, vitritis, optic atrophyIdiopathic panUPrednisone, azathioprine, interferon α2a12Regression of inflammatory signs and macular oedema Cataract surgeryInfliximab, prednisone
OD 20/400, 0S CF
OD 20/40 OS 20/200