Table 1

 Main features of EOA and non-EOA of the hand

FeaturesEOA (n = 67)Non-EOA (n = 31)p Value
Results are shown as mean (SD) unless otherwise indicated.
*Median (interquartile range) or †number of cases; p values for continuous variables from Mann-Whitney and for binary variables from Fisher’s exact test; ‡multivariate regression analysis adjusted for BMI, current smoking, former smoking, age, sex, and hormone replacement therapy; ¶information available for 38 patients; §information available for 15 patients.
Age (years)61.7 (8.5)55.9 (9.7)0.02
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.2 (3.5)24.6 (4.4)NS
Hormone replacement therapy†85NS
Age of disease onset (years)51.1 (9.7)49.9 (8.2)NS
Disease duration (years)10.5 (9.9)9.7 (8.5)NS
hsCRP (mg/l)*4.7 (2.4–6.9)2.1 (0.5–4.9)0.002‡
Number of clinically active joints10.7 (4.5)8.2 (4.5)0.003
Number of scintigraphically active joints6.3 (4.4)¶5.1 (2.5)§NS
Radiographic score64.3 (29.7)27.8 (16.5)<0.001