Table 2

 Comparison of musculoskeletal diagnoses of the 190 matched case-control pairs based on questionnaire or on clinical examination*

Musculoskeletal diagnosesPatientsControl subjectsOR95% CIp Value
*Data presented as pairs from McNemar’s test; †non-calculable.
OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
Acute musculoskeletal symptoms 58155.122.78–9.44<0.001
Reactive arthritis15116.22.12 to 123.930.001
Reactive tendonitis, enthesopathy, or bursitis400.125
Postinfective arthralgia or lumbar pain230<0.001
Arthralgia or lumbar pain during infection933.100.83 to 11.630.146
Other acute musculoskeletal symptoms7110.620.24 to 1.640.332
Chronic/past musculoskeletal diseases 11340.280.14 to 0.580.01
Degenerative musculoskeletal disease6100.590.21 to 1.650.549
Other chronic symptoms5240.190.07 to 0.500.001
Unclassified 522.540.49 to 13.260.453
Total number of patients/controls with musculoskeletal symptoms74511.741.13 to 2.680.021