Table 1

 Clinical characteristics of patients with ReA and with ReTEB

*Bursitis of the knee in one and of the trocanter bursitis in the other; †tendonitis of the wrist; ‡tendonitis of the supraspinatus tendon; §pain in the thoracic spine in one, and pain and swelling of the palm of one hand in the other; ¶lateral epicondylitis.
No of patients144
Age (years), mean (range)43.9 (25–73)42.7 (33–50)
Sex, male/female5/91/3
Patients with peripheral arthritis, No (%)10 (71)0
Patients with inflammatory low back pain, No (%)4 (29)0
Onset of musculoskeletal symptoms (days from onset of diarrhoea), median (range)3 (0–40)33 (4–44)
Patients with other musculoskeletal symptoms, No (%)
    Low back pain11 (79)1 (25)
    Neck pain7 (50)1 (25)
    Heel pain3 (21)1 (25)
    Bursitis0 (0)2 (50)*
    Tendonitis1 (7)†1 (25)‡
    Achilles tendon pain1 (7)0 (0)
    Enthesopathy1 (7)0 (0)
    Other2 (14)§1 (25)¶