Table 2

 Clinical response of patients with low, intermediate, and high pretreatment CRP levels

Clinical responsePretreatment CRP levelsSignificance
Low (0–10 mg/l)Intermediate (11–40 mg/l)High (41–120 mg/l)
*Indicates statistical significance, NS indicates no statistical significance.
GH, general health; SJC, swollen joint count; TJC, tender joint count.
Mean DAS28, t =
Mean CRP, t = 042368*
EULAR responders (%)747471NS
Mean change in DAS28
     0–14 Weeks−1.6−2.0−1.6NS
     0–2 Weeks−0.9−1.3−1.5NS
    2–6 Weeks−0.5−0.9−0.6NS
    6–14 Weeks−*
Mean change in ESR (mm/1st h) 6–14 weeks−148*
Mean change in GH (mm) 6–14 weeks−5515*
Mean change in SJC 6–14 weeks003*
Mean change in TJC 6–14 weeks−103*