Table 1

 Demographic and clinical characteristics

Values are per cent, n, or mean (SD) as indicated.
*Range 5 to 15 mg leflunomide daily.
†At least one active prescription at the point of sampling (low dose salicylates (<100 mg daily) not included).
DMARD, disease modifying antirheumatic drug; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
Number of patients52
Age (years)69 (12)
Time since diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (years)11 (10)
Rheumatoid factor positive71%
Leflunomide prescribed as first DMARD21%
DMARDs before leflunomide (n)2.0 (1.7)
    Range0 to 6
    >1 Year of leflunomide treatment90%
    >2 Years of leflunomide treatment60%
Duration of leflunomide use (days)921 (299)
    Range136 to 1327
Prescribed daily leflunomide dose
    10 mg25%
    20 mg65%
Concomitant corticosteroid use44%
Concomitant other DMARD use8%
Concomitant NSAID use†58%