Table 3

 Characteristics of anti-TNF treated patients with lymphoma/leukaemia

Treatment Initiating yearSexYear of birthRheumatic diseasePrevious DMARD*Continuing DMARD at anti-TNF initiationTherapeutic response to anti-TNFTumour diagnosisOutcome course Oct 2003
DiagnosisOnsetTime of diagnosisAnti-TNF treatment day at diagnosis
*MTX, methotrexate; SSZ, sulfasalazine; ciclosp, ciclosporin; ama, antimalarial drugs; gold IM, injectable gold; gold oral, auranofin; CYC, cyclophosphamide.
July 2000–Nov 2000SSZ, amaNov 2000Nov 2000
Infliximab Apr 2000–Dec 2002F1926RA, keratitis19782 MTX, CYCMTX++Non-Hodgkin Maxilla180Alive
Oct 2000
Infliximab Feb 2000–Sep 2001F1943RA19896 MTX, SSZ, gold IM and oral, ama0+++Non-Hodgkin, B-lcc, inguinal570Alive
Sep 2001
Infliximab, then etanercept Mar 1999–Sep 1999, Sep 1999-Aug 2002, respectivelyF1954RA19895 MTX, SSZ ciclosp, gold IM, penicillamineMTX+++MALT, lung Aug 20021081Fatal Postmortem MALT diagnosis in Aug 2002
Etanercept Apr 1999–Dec 1999F1918RA19943 MTX, SSZ, gold IM0+?Immuno-cytoma, breast Dec 1999220Fatal June 2000
Etanercept Apr 1999–July 2000M1925RA19761 MTXMTX++Acute myeloic leukaemia, trisomi 8 chromosome440Moved abroad, fatal Jan 2002
Nov 2000