Table 2

 Description of follow up examinations

BaselineDay 3Day 7Day 10Day 14Day 17Day 21Mo 2Mo 3Mo 6Obs
*Blood not drawn within ± 2 days of the questionnaire being filled in.
†Some observations met multiple exclusion criteria; three additional observations without CRP values and pain measurement, respectively
CRP, C reactive protein; Mo, month; Obs, observations.
Patients (n)
    Chronic low back pain4139414136340383538345
    Acute sciatic pain3131313024137283030255
Exclusion criteria
    Unsynchronised QQ–blood*347
    CRP >100 mg/l11
Patients analysed†
    Chronic low back pain4139404036350333437335
    Acute sciatic pain3131312922137282324239