Table 4

 Demographic, clinical, and biological data on five patients treated with rituximab for systemic vasculitis

CaseDiseaseSex/age/duration (y)Previous ISClinical involvement at beginning of rituximab treatmentNo of infusions × dose (mg)/No of MP pulses/concomitant ISAdverse event (Y/N)Efficacy (Y/N)Time to response (w)/follow up (m)Prednisone initial/lastAuto-Ab initial/lastHCV load (intial/M3/M12) (logIU/ml)Relapse (Y/N)/time to relapse (m)
anti-PR3, anti-proteinase 3 antibody; auto-Ab, autoantibody; AZA, azathioprine; CPH, cyclophosphamide; cryo, cryoglobulinaemia; ELISA, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay; ENT, ear, nose, throat; F, female; HCV, hepatitis C virus; IFN, interferon; inflix, infliximab; IS, immunosuppressants; ivIg, intravenous immunoglobulin; m, months; M, male; MC, mixed cryoglobulinaemia; MMF, mycophenolate mofetil; MP, methylprednisolone; MTX, methotrexate; N, no; NA, not available; neg, negative; plasmaph, plasmapheresis; pos, positive; RF, rheumatoid factor (IU/ml, determined by nephelometry); ribav, ribavirin; w, weeks; y, years; Y, yes; –, not relevant.
34Type II MCF/53/2IFN+ribavRenal3×375.m−2/3/MP (1000)EncephalopathyN–/920/7.5Cryo: pos/pos6.4/7.3/6.3
RF: pos/pos
35Type II MCF/66/18IFN+ribav/inflixSkin, nerve, renal4×375.m−2Infusion relatedY4/2020/5Cryo: (mg/l) 1104/neg5.7/6.5/5.1Y/13
RF: 289/neg
36Rheumatoid vasculitisF/38/11HQ/MTX/CPH/plasmaph/inflixNerve, myocardial, intestinal3×375.m−2/2/MP (500)/CPHNDeath–/1.560/60NA
37Wegener’s syndromeM/31/1CPH/AZA inflix/MTXENT, lung3×375.m−2/3/MP (200) plasmaphNN–/915/15cANCA: pos/pos
38Wegener’s syndromeM/60/13CPH/ivIg/AZA/MMF/inflixENT; pyoderma gangrenosum15×375.m−2/MTX+MMFNY4/245/5Anti-PR3 (ELISA): 90 IU/negN