Table 7

 Future research agenda—propositions developed through three Delphi rounds

1More RCTs of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments that give outcomes specific to hip OA are needed
2Biological markers for evaluation of the progression of hip OA should be further evaluated
3Clinical predictors of response to pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions for hip OA should be determined
4Whether long term use of SYSADOA can retard the progression of hip OA and delay joint replacement should be investigated
5RCTs of injection treatments (corticosteroid, hyaluronan) in hip OA are required
6The most efficient and effective exercise programme for hip OA should be determined
7Studies with appropriate design to determine the comparative effectiveness and cost effectiveness of non-surgical and surgical treatment modalities are needed
8Agreed criteria relating to indications and timing of THR are needed
9Prospective population based studies are required to improve our knowledge of risk factors for the development and progression of hip OA
10Newer imagining techniques (MRI, ultrasound) require validation for the diagnosis and assessment of outcome in trials of hip OA