Table 3

 Serum and synovial fluid pentosidine and COMP by radiographic findings according to Kellgren-Lawrence

MarkerOA grade (K-L)nMean (SD)ANOVAp Value
Results are shown as mean (SD).
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) shows no differences in pentosidine or in COMP among the OA grades.
COMP, cartilage oligomeric matrix protein; S, serum; SF, synovial fluid; K-L, Kellgren-Lawrence.
Pentosidine (S)I2112.0 (1.4)0.440.72
II18123.2 (57.7)
III14142.2 (63.5)
IV4147.0 (46.4)
Pentosidine (SF)I275.0 (12.5)0.060.98
II1871.5 (25.4)
III1470.1 (24.9)
IV467.2 (13.5)
COMP (S)I23.4 (1.0)1.060.38
II183.9 (0.8)
III144.6 (1.9)
IV44.4 (1.0)
COMP (SF)I232.8 (4.4)0.120.95
II1833.8 (10.4)
III1432.9 (13.3)
IV436.7 (11.0)