Table 6

 New therapeutic agents for the treatment of patients with primary SS

DoseNumber of patients treatedReferences
Muscarinic agents
Pilocarpine5 mg/6 h po127 (primary + associated SS)81
5 mg/12 h po27 (primary SS)82
Cevimeline30 mg/8 h po25 (primary + associated SS)83
62 (primary + associated SS)84
Biological agents
Infliximab3 mg/kg ev4 (SS associated with RA)88
1 (primary SS + neuropathy)89
16 (primary SS)86, 87
5 mg/kg ev54 (primary SS)90
Etanercept25 mg/12 h sc15 (primary SS)91
Rituximab375 mg/m2 ev1 (primary SS + lymphoma)98
1 (primary SS + lymphoma)99
IFNα150 IU/8 h po300 (primary SS)94
Other treatments
Prednisolone15 mg/d po20 (primary SS)101
Octreotide30 mg im1 (primary SS)107
2-Chloro-2′-deoxyadenosine0.12 mg/kg ev2 (primary SS + lymphoma)106
2 (primary SS + MC)