Table 1

 Characteristics of randomised controlled trials included in the meta-analysis

AuthorTrial designInterventionDurationMean age (y)Sex (% female)Mean BMI (kg/m2)No of subjectsQSExercise group BPSControl group BPS
Exercise groupControl groupMeanSEMeanSE
*Data disaggregated for site of osteoarthritis (hip or knee) provided by author.
BMI, body mass index; BPS, percentage of baseline pain score relative to maximum pain score on scale; DB, double blinded; NB, non-blinded; NR, not reported; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; p, parallel; QS, quality score (maximum score = 5)5; ROM, range of movement exercise; SB, single blinded; SE, standard error; y, years.
Bautch, 199732NB-PLow intensity walking, ROM, education12 weeks69.0NRNR1515134.95.314.64.3
Kovar, 199233NB-PSupervised walking, education8 weeks69.083.329.54745351.52.948.73.5
Talbot, 200334NB-PHome based pedometer driven walking24 weeks70.176.531.81717336.84.426.84.9
Baker, 200136SB-PHome based strength training4 months68.578.331.52323241.
Fransen, 200137NB-PIndividualised/group physical therapy8 weeks66.772.829.483433NRNRNRNR
Hopman-Rock, 200038*SB-PResistance exercises, health education8 months65.286.626.74537244.23.844.63.9
O’Reilly, 199939NB-PHome based quadriceps strengthening, lifestyle advice6 months62.066.1NR11378332.31.733.81.7
Petrella, 200040DB-PHome based resistance, ROM, NSAID8 weeks73.757.5NR9188329.2NR32.6NR
Quilty, 200341SB-PQuadriceps strengthening, patellar taping12 months66.7NR30.14443251.04.553.43.9
Thomas, 200242SB-PHome based strengthening, ROM2 years61.963.928.0467316235.8NR36.7NR
Topp, 200243NB-PDynamic resistance, isometric resistance16 weeks63.372.5NR3535162.02.753.82.7
Van Baar, 199844*SB-PExercise therapy, education12 weeks68.084.028.75459348.13.948.73.7
Aerobic v strengthening
Ettinger, 199735SB-PAerobic walking18 months68.770.3NR1441492NRNRNRNR
Resistance training146NRNR