Table 4

 Frequency of arterial abnormalities among controls and rheumatoid arthritis patients, the latter stratified according to the number of deformed joints

VariableDeformed joint count
ControlRAAdjusted p value†
00 to 78 to 2021 to 48Model 1Model 2Model 3
Values are n or n (%).
Adjustment models: model 1: age, sex, disease duration; model 2: age, sex, disease duration, cardiovascular risk factors (diabetes mellitus, hypercholesterolaemia, systolic blood pressure, BMI); model 3: age, sex, disease duration, cardiovascular risk factors, and average ESR.
*p⩽0.05; **p⩽0.01; ***p⩽0.001 v healthy controls.
†Comparison between rheumatoid arthritis patients with joint count ⩾21 and healthy persons.
ABI, ankle-brachial index; BMI, body mass index; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.
Incompressible arteries (ABI >1.3)3 (1%)3 (1%)10 (3%)53 (15%)***0.001⩽0.0030.007
Normal arteries (ABI >0.9 to 1.3)401 (98%)245 (98%)310 (95%)*280 (79%)***⩽0.001⩽0.001⩽0.001
Obstructed arteries (ABI ⩽0.9)4 (1%)2 (1%)8 (2%)20 (6%)**
Number of arteries408250328353
Number of persons102638289