Table 1

 Characteristics of the 28 study subjects

Values are mean (SD).
Cr, creatinine.
Age (years) at baseline51.9 (12.8)
Body mass index (kg/m2) at baseline24.9 (2.9)
Physical activity score at baseline6.3 (1.8)
Baseline tibial cartilage volume (μl)5513 (1201)
Annual loss of tibial cartilage volume (μl)162 (93)
Tibial area (mm2) at baseline3342 (555)
Hormone and metabolic bone and cartilage markers at baseline
Free testosterone (pmol/l)370 (147)
Oestrogen (pmol/l)62.1 (31.8)
Dehydroepianosterone sulphate (μmol/l)8.6 (4.0)
Luteinising hormone (IU/l)4.8 (2.1)
Pyridinoline/Cr (PYD) (nmol/mmol Cr)53.9 (25.3)
Deoxypyridinoline/Cr (DPD) (nmol/mmol Cr)8.6 (4.0)
N-telopeptide/Cr (NTx) (nmol bone collagen equivalents/mmol Cr)47.3 (22.5)
Osteocalcin (ng/ml)4.5 (1.9)