Table 1

 Occurrence of adverse events in 168 patients with RA treated with infliximab

Adverse eventsNo (%)EventsEvents/patient/year3 mg/kg infliximab (n = 132)3→7.5 mg/kg infliximab (n = 36)
No (%)EventsEvents/patient/yearNo (%)EventsEvents/patient/year
*All infections defined as: objective and non-objective infections as reported by patient, clinical physician, or general physician, including unconfirmed upper respiratory tract infection and unconfirmed lower urinary tract infection; †clinical infections as considered present by a physician—that is, sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infection, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, bacteriaemia/septicaemia, lower urinary tract infection, gastroenteritis, skin and soft tissue infections with relevant findings of physician; ‡clinically important infections as defined by objective infection, eventually requiring oral antibiotic treatment; §serious infection as defined by admission to hospital and/or requiring IV antibiotic treatment (in majority pneumoniae); ¶difference significant, p value <0.05.
Any adverse event122 (73)2081.4489 (67)1521.4030 (83)561.30
All infections*96 (57)1531.0669 (52)1091.0127 (75)441.02
Clinical infections†72 (43)930.6450 (38)¶650.41¶22 (61)¶280.65¶
Clinically important infections‡60 (36)850.5942 (32)¶590.5518 (50)¶260.60
Antibiotics (po)50 (30)740.5135 (27)¶510.4715 (42)¶230.53
Serious infections§10 (6)110.087 (5)80.073 (8)30.07