Table 1

 Demographic, clinical, and laboratory data on eight patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

CaseAge (y)Disease duration (months)ANA*aDNA†aENA‡LAC§aCL¶SymptomsClinical evaluationTreatment**
Cases in bold are those with a secondary antiphospholipid syndrome.
*Detected by indirect immunofluorescence (IFI) using Hep-2 cells as substrate.
†Detected by IFI on Chritidia luciliae.
‡Detected by a double immunodiffusion (ID) method.
§Detected by kaolin clotting time, diluted Russell viper venom test.
¶Detected by a standardised enzyme linked immunosorbent assay method.
**At the time of instrumental evaluation.
aCL, anticardiolipin antibodies; aDNA, anti-dsDNA antibodies; ANA, antinuclear antibodies; ASA, aspirin; CFS, cyclophosphamide; CIA, ciclosporine A; aENA, anti-extractable nuclear antigen antibodies; HCQ, hydroxychloroquine; LAC, lupus anticoagulant; y, years.
1 33120+NegNegPosIgG high titreHeadacheNegativeCIA, ASA, methylprednisolone
248132+NegSSANegNegAsymptomaticNegativeHCQ, ASA, methylprednisolone
3 2024+NegRNPPosIgG high titreAsymptomaticHypereactive tendon reflexesWarfarin, prednisone
41548+1:160NegNegNegHeadacheNegativeHCQ, deflazacort
5431+NegSSA/SSBNegNegAsymptomaticNegativeHCQ, prednisone
6 44130+NegNegNegIgG high titreHeadacheHypereactive tendon reflexesWarfarin, prednisone
73572+1:160NegNegNegAsymptomaticHypereactive tendon reflexesHCQ, CIA, methylprednisolone
8171+1:80SSANegNegHeadacheNegativeHCQ, ASA, prednisone