Table 2

 Descriptive data in the evaluation of acute spinal changes with mean scores for each spinal segment and for the whole spine as evaluated by the ASspiMRI-a for Gd-DTPA and STIR sequences

Mean score/VUSD
Cervical spine
ASspiMRI-a Gd-DTPA0.240.63
ASspiMRI-a STIR0.280.65
Thoracic spine
ASspiMRI-a Gd-DTPA0.691.24
ASspiMRI-a STIR0.741.22
Lumbar spine
ASspiMRI-a Gd-DTPA0.411.04
ASspiMRI-a STIR0.340.79
Spine (all three segments)
ASspiMRI-a Gd-DTPA0.511.09
ASspiMRI-a STIR0.541.04