Table 4

 Baseline variables significantly associated with severe physical disability (health assessment questionnaire score ⩾2.0) in the logistic regression model

Explanatory variableβSE (β)p ValueOROR 95% CI
β, estimated coefficient; SE (β), estimated standard error of the β.
CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.
Age (per year)0.0250.0100.021.0041.01 to 1.05
Male sex−0.7800.292<0.010.460.26 to 0.81
Radiological joint damage (radiographic score >50)0.5980.2330.011.821.15 to 2.87
Disease activity score (per unit)0.6940.139< to 2.63
Morning stiffness (per minute)0.0650.0290.021.071.01 to 1.13
Fatigue (per unit)0.1700.062< to 1.34