Table 2

 Sociodemographic and disease characteristics of patients

VariableFM (n = 69)CLBP (n = 110)AS (n = 111)p Value*
*p Value assessed by χ2 test for dichotomous variables and by analysis if variance for continuous variables.
†Distinguishes patients who achieved a higher non-university or university degree.
‡After adjusting for age and sex by indirect standardisation with the general Dutch population.
§Range 0 to 100, higher values indicating increased wellbeing.
AS, ankylosing spondylitis; CLBP, chronic low back pain; FM, fibromyalgia.
Male (%)134071<0.0001
Age (years) (mean (SD))44.9 (9.4)40.9 (8.7)47.8 (10.1)<0.0001
Disease duration (years) (mean (SD))12.4 (14.9)10.4 (8.7)17.8 (9.2)<0.0001
Married or living together (%)8795940.148
High educational level† (%)
Paid work‡ (%)251156<0.0001
Work disability‡ (%)317134<0.0001
    Full work disability (%)748262
Global wellbeing score§ (mean (SD))48.2 (14.9)42.2 (15.2)67.0 (20.0)<0.0001