Table 1

 Summary of clinical and ultrasound evaluations of the studied osteoarthritic knee

∗Knee OA, knee osteoarthritis. †WOMAC, Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index.
Clinical examination
Localisation (studied knee)
Date of knee OA* onset
Radiological grade (Kellgren & Lawrence score)
Clinical parameters (past 48 hours)
    Patient’s global assessment of knee pain
    Patient’s global assessment of clinical knee OA severity
    Physician’s global assessment of clinical knee OA severity
    WOMAC† pain subscale
    WOMAC† stiffness subscale
    WOMAC† physical function subscale
    Duration of morning stiffness
Night awakening due to knee pain
Knee joint effusion on clinical examination
Sudden aggravation of knee pain in previous 2 weeks
Previous and concomitant drug treatment for knee OA
Ultrasound examination
Knee synovitis
    Measurement of synovial width
    Appearance of synovial tissue
Joint effusion
    Maximal width of subquadricipital recesses