Table 3

 Change from baseline after four years of variables either included in or not included in the definition of remission for the group of patients achieving at least one period of remission and the group without remission within four years of disease onset

VariablePatients without a period of remission (n = 283)Patients with ⩾1 period of remission (n = 142)p Value†
†Significant different between the group of patients with remission and group of patients without remission using unpaired two sided t test for normally distributed data (*) and Mann–Whitney U test for non-normally distributed data.
Ranges for variables are as follows: ESR, 1 to 140; morning stiffness, 0 to 720; pain, 0 to 100 = worst score; joint score, 0 to 534; general wellbeing, 0 to 100 = worst score; grip strength, 0–120 = best score; functional disability, 0 to 3 = worst score; radiographic damage, 0 to 448.
ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; VAS, visual analogue scale.
Variables included in definition of remission
ESR (mm/h), median−16−210.011
    Mean (SD)−19 (27)−28 (28)
Morning stiffness (min), median−30−600.030
    Mean (SD)−53 (172)−78 (133)
Pain (mm), median−18−260.001*
    Mean (SD)−20 (32)−30 (29)
Joint score (Thompson), median−85−1060.012
    Mean (SD)−99 (119)−125 (98)
Variables not included in definition of remission
VAS general wellbeing (mm)−16−25<0.001*
    Mean (SD)−15 (30)−28 (29)
Grip strength (kPa), median824<0.001*
    Mean (SD)8 (22)21 (21)
Functional disability (HAQ), median0−0.6<0.001*
    Mean (SD)−0.1 (0.7)−0.6 (0.7)
Radiographic damage (Sharp/van der Heijde score), median2211<0.001
    Mean (SD)34 (34)20 (25)