Table 2

 Minimal clinically important improvement (MCII) scores according to patients’ location of OA

Patient reported outcomesKnee OAHip OA
Absolute changeRelative changeAbsolute changeRelative change
MCII(95% CI)MCII (%)(95% CI)MCII(95% CI)MCII (%)(95% CI)
The MCII was defined as the 75th centile of the change in score among patients whose evaluation of response to treatment was “good”, for the three patient reported outcomes: pain, as assessed on a visual analogue scale (VAS); global assessment of disease status, on a VAS; or the Western Ontario McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) function subscale score.
Pain (0–100 mm VAS), mm−19.9(−21.6 to −17.9)−40.8(−44.8 to −36.1)−15.3(−17.8 to −12.5)−32.0(−38.5 to −24.0)
Patient global assessment (0–100 mm VAS), mm−18.3(−19.8 to −16.7)−39.0(−45.8 to −30.6)−15.2(−16.9 to −13.4)−32.6(−38.7 to −25.2)
WOMAC function score (0–100)−9.1(−10.5 to −7.5)−26.0(−28.6 to −23.3)−7.9(−8.8 to −5.0)−21.1(−24.8 to −17.0)