Table 1A

 Clinical and laboratory features of patients with CNO

CNO subsetPatientSexAgeBone lesions (n)Joints affected by arthritisPustulosisHLA-B27ANALeucocytes/l (×109)ESR (mm/1st h)CRP (mg/l)Ferritin (μg/l)No of relapses
SC, sternoclavicular joint; ND, not done; Neg, negative; Pos, positive; CNO, chronic non-bacterial osteomyelitis; CRMO, chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis.
Age is given in years and months.
Unifocal non-recurrent
6M8 y 10 m1Hip rightNoNegNeg5.260280
11F9 y 7 m1NoNoNDNeg7.030150
12M16 y 4 m1Ankle leftNoNegNeg8.51713ND0
19F15 y 4 m1Sacroiliac joint rightYesNegNeg4.480180
21M14 y 11 m1Shoulder leftNoPosNeg6.780140
24F10 y 11 m1NoNoNDND12.9240ND0
28F1 y 9 m1NoNoNDND13.5220ND0
29F9 y 11 m1Ankle leftNoNegND8.7100ND0
30F13 y1Knee rightNoNegND7.050510
Unifocal recurrent
10F3 y 10 m1NoNoPosNeg11.2120401
27F10 y 5 m1NoNoNeg1:807.73017ND2
16F11 y 2 m1SC leftNoNegNeg5.140157
Multifocal non-recurrent
1F11 y 6 m2SymphysisYesNDNeg7.0380200
4F9 y2SC rightNoPosNeg10.7337620
14F10 y 11 m2Both SCYesNegNeg5.650540
20F11 y 9 m2Hip rightNoNegNeg6.680470
23M10 y 11 m2SC leftNoPosNeg9.0240480
15F21 y 3 m3Left metatarsal + ankleNoPosND6.750320
2M7 y 8 m4Ankle left, SC leftYesNDNeg9.1100ND0
22F14 y 3 m5Both SC, hip rightNoNDNeg8.6210ND0
26M8 y 11 m6NoNoNeg1:808.5312530
Multifocal recurrent (CRMO)
8M6 y 5 m2Knee rightNoNegNeg7.8150ND1
17F9 y 8 m2SC left, shoulder leftNoNeg1:807.72585381
3F13 y 1 m2SC left, ankle rightNoNegNeg13.6180298
5F11 y 10 m3SC left, ankle rightYesNegND12.84302451
9F11 y 2 m3Both knees, ankle leftNoNegNeg10.82029162
7M6 y 10 m3Ankle left, SC leftNoNegND8.270ND3
13F11 y 10 m3Both SCNoNegNeg7.9150374
18F15 y 5 m3Hip left, SC leftYesNegNeg8.4615ND4
25M12 y 5 m2Temporomandib. jointYesNegNeg9.032122510