Table 2

 Demographic, clinical, and laboratory characteristics of patients evaluated with scanners 1 and 2

Characteristics (n = 69)Scanner 1 (n = 25)Scanner 2p Value
Results are expressed as mean (standard deviation).
VAS, visual analogue scale; NS, non-significant.
Age (years)58.1 (14.3)56.3 (14.3)NS
Disease duration (months)68.3 (57.9)72.2 (60.1)NS
Pain by 0–100 VAS (mm)30.5 (26)36.3 (30.3)NS
Patient’s overall assessment by 0–100 VAS (mm)38.2 (26.1)38.3 (28.6)NS
Tender joint count14 (16.1)9.8 (13)NS
Swollen joint count10.9 (7.8)13.2 (6.3)NS
Swollen joint index69.8 (9.7)72.6 (8.4)NS
Health Assessment Questionnaire score (0–3)1 (0.7)0.9 (0.7)NS
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (mm/1st h)28.4 (19.4)25.9 (14.5)NS
C reactive protein (mg/l)15 (19)16 (15)NS