Table 3

 Summary of the results of responsiveness statistics and assessment of discriminative ability

ResponsivenessDiscriminative ability
SRMEffect sizeGuyattCorrelation methodAUC-ROC$
+++, Good; ++, moderate; +, small; –, poor. See text for threshold definitions. SRM, standardised response mean; AUC ROC, area under the curve receiver operating characteristic; LROM, limited range of motion; GASS, Global Articular Severity Score; CHAQ, Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire; CHQ, Child Health Questionnaire; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.
Physician’s global assessment++++++++++++++++++++++++
Parent’s global assessment+++++++++++
Pain assessment++++++++
No. active joints+++++++++++++++++++
No. joints with swelling+++++++++++++++++++++
No. joints with pain/tenderness++++++++++++
No. joints with LROM++++++++++++++++
Morning stiffness++++++++++
CHAQ disability index++++++
CHQ physical score+++++++
CHQ psychosocial score+++++++++++
C-reactive protein++++