Table 1

 Baseline characteristics of the total study population and the subgroup

CharacteristicWhole population (n = 7983)Subgroup (n = 3906)
*A score of 0.5 or greater measured by health assessment questionnaire (HAQ).
†Neck, shoulder, elbow, low back, hip, knee, foot pain (right and/or left).
BMI, body mass index.
Age (years) (mean (SD))70.6 (9.8)66.6 (7.3)
BMI (kg/m2) (mean (SD))26.3 (3.7)26.3 (3.6)
Disability index*34.1%20.2%
Hand disability13.6%5.8%
Hand pain (left/right)16.9%16.8%
Any other joint complaints†46.4%46.3%