Table 5

‚ÄÉMalignant lymphomas diagnosed between 1 January 1999 and 31 December 2004 among Swedish patients with RA treated with TNF antagonists

SexYear of birthYear of lymphomaLymphoma subtypeEBV
*Not included in register based assessment of relative risk.
M, male; F, female; NA, not assessed.
F19181999Unspecified low grade NHLNeg
F19402000Diffuse large B cell lymphomaNeg
F19262000Follicular lymphoma grade 1Neg
M19232000Hodgkin, lymphocyte depletionPos
F19432001Follicular lymphoma grade 3 Diffuse large B cell lymphomaNeg
F19542002MALT lymphomaNeg
M19432002Diffuse large B cell lymphomaNA
F19482002Chronic lymphocytic leukaemiaNA
M19282003Unspecified NHLNA
F19472004*Unspecified high grade NHLNeg
F19522004*Hodgkin, lymphocyte depletionNeg