Table 1

 Demographic data of the subjects investigated in this study

WomenMenAll subjects
Occupations: physician (13); salesperson (14); administrative assistant (7); skilled worker (6); student or engineer (5 each); lawyer or teacher (4 each); manager, nurse, physiotherapist, car mechanic, or construction worker (3 each); photographer, advertising assistant, kindergarten teacher, policeman or woman (2 each); secretary, psychologist, speech therapist, bank employee, television producer, programmer, doctor’s assistant, pharmacist, dentist, beautician, stewardess, florist, roofer, cook, painter, varnisher, tiler, machine operator, cleaner, truck driver (1 each).
Age (years)37.839.038.4
Right handed504494
Mean body weight (kg), range62 (38–94)80 (62–103)70 (38–103)
Mean height (cm), range166 (156–180)179 (167–198)172 (156–198)
Good working activity (n)181634