Table 4

 Details relevant to the deaths of all patients registered with EBMT for autologous HSCT in SSc

SexAgeGraftPrimingConditioningPurgeDisease patternOrgan involvementSurvival (D/Mt)Cause of death
Italic type, procedure related deaths; normal type, disease related deaths; Bold type, patients who died after August 1999 not previously analysed in Binks paper.36
L, lung; GI, gastrointestinal; R, renal; O, other; PAH, pulmonary artery hypertension.
F 18.9 ASCT G-CSF Cy+ATG None Diffuse L 11/0.36 Diffuse alveolar haemorrhage
M 47.2 ASCT Cy+G-CSF Cy NA Diffuse L, GI, R 40/1.3 CNS bleed
F 48.1 ASCT Cy+G-CSF Cy None Diffuse L, O, GI 30/1 Septicaemia, heart failure
M 42.9 ASCT Cy+G-CSF+VP16 BEAM CD34/T Diffuse O 8/0.3 Septicaemia, myocarditis
F 58.5 ASCT Cy Cy None Diffuse L 30/1 Interstitial pneumonitis
F54.1ASCTCy+G-CSFBCNU, thiotepa, fludarabineCD34DiffuseL, O, PAH217/7.2Pulmonary hypertension
F38.1ASCTCy+G-CSFCyCD34+CAMPATHDiffuseL, O242/8Disease progression
F42.0ASCTCy+G-CSFCyCD34+CAMPATHDiffuseA527/17.6VCS obstruction, disease progression
M 39.6 ASCT Cy+G-CSF Cy CD34 Diffuse L, O 193/6.4 Disease progression
F51.0ABMTCy+G-CSFCy+ATGNoneDiffuseO487/16.2Disease progression
F51.5ASCTCy+G-CSFCyCD34DiffuseL, O, PAH584/19.4Disease progression
F39.5ASCTG-CSFCy+ATGCD34NA578/19.2Disease progression
F 43.3 ASCT G-CSF Cy+ATG CD34 Diffuse L, O 581/19.3 Disease progression, interstitial pneumonitis