Table 1 Points to consider for the application of a study focused on recommendations in order to obtain EULAR endorsement

A. Which wording? (points to consider versus recommendations versus guidelines)
B. Which category? (management versus treatment versus conducting studies)
C. Objectives? (which target population: GP versus rheumatologists versus health professionals…)
D. Steering group committee members (who is participating in this project?)
E. Evidence based review
• Literature research strategy
• Quality scoring of the manuscripts
• Estimating a “treatment/criterion” effect size
• Categorising evidence
• Strength of recommendations
F. Evidence based versus expert opinion approach
G. Presentation of the recommendations (algorithm versus bullet versus …)
H. Relevance of the recommendations:
• Which expected study(ies)?
• Which methodology?
I. Dissemination of the recommendations
• Presentation at different meetings
• Publication of a manuscript in a peer review journalfor example, EULAR journal
J. Implementation of the recommendations
• How can such recommendations impact daily practice?
• Which expected study(ies)?
• Which methodology?
K. Update policy of the recommendations
• When will such recommendations be updated?
L. Practical aspects
• Organisation (meetings, research, time lag)
• Financial support