Table 3

 Proteinuria in healthy subjects and patients with RA and SLE. The following proteins represent the different types of proteinuria: transferrin for “selective glomerular”; transferrin+IgG for “non-selective glomerular”; α1-microglobulin for “tubular”; α1-microglobulin+transferrin for “selective glomerular+tubular”; α1-microglobulin+transferrin+IgG for “non-selective glomerular+tubular”

RASLEHealthy subjects
In the SLE group, the data of one patient are missing.
Comparison of patients with RA and healthy subjects
Normal function2422
Selective glomerular41
Non-selective glomerular10
Mixed (selective glomerular+tubular)10
Mixed (non-selective glomerular+tubular)00
Comparison of patients with SLE and healthy subjects
Normal function1641
Selective glomerular81
Non-selective glomerular10
Mixed (selective glomerular+tubular)20
Mixed (non-selective glomerular+tubular)40