Table 3

 Correlation (r, Pearson correlation coefficients) between patient reported measures in paper and personal digital assistant (PDA) format, and difference PDA minus paper

Mean95% CIMean95% CI
Value are mean (95% confidence interval).
CI, confidence interval; MHAQ, modified health assessment questionnaire; RADAI, rheumatoid arthritis disease activity index; SF-36, short form 36 item health assessment questionnaire; VAS, visual analogue scale.
Pain VAS0.874.50.1 to 8.90.933.60.3 to 6.9
Fatigue VAS0.89−2.1−7.6 to 3.30.933.80.2 to 7.3
Patient global VAS0.863.8−0.5 to 8.10.844.80.5 to 9.2
RADAI0.93−0.1−0.3 to 0.20.980.0−0.1 to 0.2
MHAQ0.97−0.01−0.05 to 0.030.970.03−0.02 to 0.08
    Physical0.94−0.9−4.1 to 2.20.952.1−1.2 to 5.4
    Mental0.91−3.7−7.1 to 0.40.95−4.3−6.5 to −2.1
    Pain0.79−6.0−11.4 to −0.60.820.1−4.5 to 4.7
    Vitality0.860.7−3.6 to 5.10.89−0.7−4.7 to 3.3
    General0.844.1−1.5 to 9.70.825.10 to 10.1