Table 2

 Mean scores at baseline, and test–retest reliability of patient reported measures in paper and personal digital assistant (PDA) format

Paper formatPDA format
CV, coefficient of variation; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; LA, limits of agreement (that is, 95% confidence interval of the difference T1 minus T2); MHAQ, modified health assessment questionnaire; RADAI, rheumatoid arthritis disease activity index; SDD, smallest detectable difference (that is, 1.96 SD of the difference T1 minus T2); SF-36, short form 36 item health assessment questionnaire; VAS, visual analogue scale.
Pain VAS28.816.3−12.6 to−9.4 to 16.822.60.92
Fatigue VAS42.432.3−22.4 to−24.2 to 33.439.40.66
Patient global VAS29.219.2−14.8 to 23.535.00.7731.616.6−14.0 to
RADAI3.161.11−0.79 to 1.4318.50.923.101.24−1.00 to 1.4821.00.89
MHAQ1.510.16−0.12 to−0.19 to 0.216.660.94
    Physical60.214.8−13.2 to 16.412.40.9158.812.7−13.4 to
    Mental74.714.0−16.2 to−13.6 to
    Pain56.020.7−19.1 to−24.0 to 12.317.10.81
    Vitality47.918.2−21.5 to 14.818.40.8249.016.2−18.9 to 13.516.30.84
    General52.312.4−11.6 to−13.3 to 13.411.90.81