Table 2

 Estimated rates of radiological progression before diagnosis (and start of DMARD treatment) and change in Larsen scores during year 1 (Larsen score units/year (SD))

TreatmentMTX (n = 56)SSZ (n = 55)AUR (n = 19)Control (n = 19)p* Value
*Comparison of four groups by analysis of variance; †the prediagnosis radiological progression rate was estimated by dividing the radiological damage at baseline by the symptom duration as recorded at the baseline visit for each patient; ‡comparison of prediagnosis progression with progression from baseline to year 1, for each group (paired Student’s t test).
Prediagnosis progression rate† (change/year)27.4 (16.5)23.8 (16.9)16.6 (11.5)17.6 (13.6)0.1
Progression from baseline to year 17.9 (4.6)6.5 (4.9)9.4 (6.8)10.4 (4.9)0.025
Decrease in rate of progression−19.5 (9.3)−17.3 (10.2)−7.2 (4.4)−7.2 (4.8)0.03
p<0.001‡p<0.001‡p = NS‡p = NS‡