Table 1

 Joints assessed for DAS, DAS28, and ACR response in the TEMPO trial

JointACR responseDASDAS28
*Counted for pain assessment (Ritchie articular index and ACR response) but not for swelling.
Temporomandibular joints (n = 2)XX*
Sternoclavicular joints (n = 2)XX
Acromioclavicular joints (n = 2)XX
Shoulders (n = 2)XXX
Elbows (n = 2)XXX
Wrists (n = 2)XXX
Metacarpophalangeal joints (n = 10)XXX
Cervical spine (n = 1)X*X*
Distal interphalangeal joints (n = 8)X
Hips (n = 2)X*X*
Knees (n = 2)XXX
Ankles (n = 2)XX
Talocalcaneal (n = 2)XX*
Tarsi (n = 2)XX*
Metatarsophalangeal joints (n = 10)XX
Fingers (proximal interphalangeal joints) (n = 10)XXX
Toes (n = 10)X