Table 2

 Longitudinal controlled cohort studies included in the analysis

RefAuthorNSAIDDoseIndicationTreated group sizeControl group sizeOutcomes
p/d, person-day; p/y, person-year.
59Kurata et alAnyN/AGastrointestinal bleeding in patients with dyspepsia282263GI-major
56Allison et alAnyN/AGastrointestinal ulcers249464GI-major
51Guess et alAnyN/AFatal upper GI haemorrhage or perforation134060 p/y834051 p/yGI-major
60McMahon et alAnyN/AUpper GI haemorrhage and perforation2570024550GI-major
53Carson et alAnyN/AUpper tract bleeding4713644634GI-major
55Beardon et alAnyN/AGastrointestinal eventsEvents per 1000 subjectsEvents per 1000 subjectsGI-any
57MacDonald et alAnyN/AGastrointestinal toxicity5229373792GI-major
52Bloom et alAnyN/AGastrointestinal toxicity3388036200GI-major
61Smalley et alAnyN/AIncidence of hospitalisations for peptic ulcer disease in elderly people1000 p/y1000 p/yGI-major
58Fries et alAnyN/ASerious GI events16941053GI-major
62Garcia Rodriguez et alAnyN/AHospitalisation for upper GI bleeding700000GI-major
63Beard et alAnyN/AHospitalisation for gastro-oesophageal bleeding6095000 p/d38006000GI-major
13Mamdani et alAnyN/AUpper GI tract bleeding5291100000GI-major